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The Eatery is simply that, an informal brasserie
with no pretensions, a coming home to a delicious, wholesome, home-cooked meal that your grandmother could have prepared for you. 

Hearty, flavorful and honest food, there is nothing uniform about it, but rather adjusting to what is fresh and available on the day; your dishes will never be exactly the same but will always be delicious. 

Marcs Vegan Sushi - Marcs homemade terrine


Marc is not stuck in any specific style of cuisine but rather fuses all his knowledge and experience into an endless palette of flavor sensations that is ever-changing and that can only be classified as Marc’s cuisine.  He is concerned that these days we don’t even know what is in our food,so at his Eatery, every dish is made from scratch.  Marc uses as much local produce as possible to support his community, to have the freshest produce, to minimize the carbon footprint and to purchase from suppliers where he knows the quality and the integrity of the produce. 

His philosophy is to keep the flavors simple, working with the essential, natural flavors of the ingredients. Marc is a perfectionist who brings only the best quality fare to the table, ever-present at the hob and overseeing every stage of the process,he is passionate about indulging his guests’ senses.

Eggs Florentine ala Marc`s Eatery
homemade lemongrass, lime and lemon
Italien Sarmie Marc's Eatery
Bruscetta Platter (serves 2)
Chilli Chocolate mousse
Iced Coffee Classic and Blended


The Deli is a reflection of the restaurant itself in that everything is made from scratch so that you know that whatever you take home with you has been cooked with integrity and based on Marc’s philosophy of knowing what is in your food.   The Deli is an extension of the Eatery so you have the opportunity to take this delicious eating experience home to your family.  There are many people in Maun who don’t have time to cook and Marc wants to give them an opportunity to have a ready-made, home-cooked meal to enjoy, not having to compromise on flavor or their health. Marc is inspired to create tasty delights on a daily basis and uses his Deli for this outlet.  He produces a large variety of items ranging from snacks to soups, stews to sauces, relishes to dips, pissaladières to terrines.  He also has breads, deserts, cakes and crunchies, and whatever else he may choose to produce on any given day. When en route to the bush or having a picnic with friends, Marc’s Deli has something to delight every palate.  On those days when you have no idea what to prepare for your family, pop in and grab a pasta sauce, a soup or a finished meal. 

Check our facebook page for a list of items presently available

Lunch box ala Marcs Eatery #lunchbox
Deli at Marc's Eatery


All the bread served at Marc’s Eatery is home-baked in their in-house bakery.  Marc has adapted and mastered recipes using the locally available ingredients.  He is famous for his ciabatta rolls, rustic rolls (pain a la ancienne), Tuscan bread (with a touch of rye) and a hearty whole wheat bread made from a culture which has been in his family for decades.  The bakery also produces a delicious pissaladière;  a French thin crust dough topped with caramelised onions, olives, capers, anchovies and parmesan cheese.  Orders for these breads are essential as the demand is so high.



Marc’s Eatery serves the best coffee in Maun.  Coming from a strong coffee culture and having traveled in countries where coffee originates, Marc is passionate about coffee. 

Serving a good cup of coffee is part of having a good restaurant and it is an essential way of rounding off the eating experience.


Marc heads up a small, professional team of proud, young, dynamic Batswana who are passionate about their work and the success of Marc’s Eatery.  Having been together since the inception of Marc’s Eatery, the team is strongly united in their dedication to each other and to delivering great food and service.


Marc does not think that there should be any comprise on service.  Marc’s Eatery prides itself in having friendly, professional and efficient waiters who understand that good service is a vital component to a great eating experience.  


Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, Marc wants his guests to feel they are at home in their community;  a home from home.  The decor, which reflects materials from the area, was designed by Marc specifically to make you feel that you are home;  the walls adorned with photographs of the colorful Maun community, the easy couches to sit back and relax in and the open plan kitchen with nothing to hide.  Marc’s philosophy is all about the idea of “à la bonne franquette” (simple and without ceremony) - if his guests want to put their feet up or eat with their hands, they are at home and they are welcome.  The restaurant itself is outdoors in a lush garden surrounded by plants, an eclectic mix of furniture and serenaded by a delightful mix of world music.

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