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Marc was born in Germany to a German father and French mother, and from
a young age had a passion for food.  His maternal grandmother lived with the family and she was always busy in the kitchen cooking, baking, making preserves, sausages, sauces and juices - all by hand.  She was the most talented chef he ever knew and the reason why he is so passionate about cooking. 
Her cooking style was traditional French cuisine, making every dish with the purest ingredients and everything home-made. She was his first teacher and his inspiration; he would spend hours with her in the kitchen learning the old family recipes.  Upon leaving school it was clear that Marc would train as a chef, so he travelled to France where he worked in a busy kitchen in the Alps with one of the greatest chefs of the area.  He then worked in a restaurant in Munich, Germany, developing his repertoire for more German-style dishes.  After a year he moved to Africa to run mobile safaris, first in Namibia and then in Botswana. 

Marc's Eatery - Marc in the Kithen

Over the next 13 years Marc took his culinary knowledge to a new level, mastering gourmet meals on an open fire and baking bread in the ground.  This was a thrilling learning period for him and the clients looked forward to every dinner when he would make dishes on a fire that they could not even imagine eating in a restaurant.  In the tradition of his grandmother, he made all the dishes by hand, learning the shortcuts and tricks to make delicious, home-cooked food in the bush. Marc then began trading in African arts and crafts for the following 14 years with a specific focus on Ethiopia and West Africa. He took advantage of this period to explore the exotic flavours of these areas and add new ingredients to is palette.
He then shifted his focus to nutrition and began to understanding that many people these days suffer from food intolerances and so have special diets. He realised that those with dietary limitations were forced to eat boring food, and with nothing available on the market that catered to these special needs diets, he started to produce raw, dehydrated snacks for this market.  This was a unique form of food preparation, completely revolutionary and innovative and which did not exist in Africa.  He had to not only developed the methodology and machinery to process these foods, but also created all the recipes. He distributed these foods through health shops as he continued to innovate and create foods for a variety of special needs diets.  


In his desire to be closer to the bush, Marc then sold this concept and moved back to Botswana permanently.  He became an accredited trainer and over a 6-year period trained the chefs in lodges throughout Ngamiland. 


Marc has always had a desire to combine his love for Maun, his talent for a simple, yet sophisticated style, and his passion for delicious food into an Eatery which offers food that would stimulate his guest’s taste buds and make his grandmother proud.  Finally this dream became a reality in August 2017 and he has not looked back.