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BOOGIE NIGHT at Marcs & Nungas Christmas Night Market

Marcs Eatery Logo - Maun Botswana

Christmas Party at Marcs Eatery Nungas Christmas Night Market #dancelikenooneiswatching #dinner #eatout #shopforchristmas

This is THE market to go to, to unwind, to shop for Christmas, to feast at Marc’s Eatery and to meet after a long week. Nunga's Chrsitmas night Market that happens ONLY once a year. Come and join us for a BOOGIE, A SHOP and YUMMY FOOD.

- Marc’s Eatery themed night is BURGERS & CHIPS - There will be something for everyone to indulge in.

*** There will be LIVE MUSIC from GENA and DJ ANDY will be on the floor again too ***


The Night market with all the shops STARTS AT 17:30 on FRIDAY 13 DECEMBER.

What to expect:

Original Farmhouse will be there with all their organic farm goodies selling local fruits, vegetables, soaps, plants, herbs, pottery. Others will be selling handmade local artisan products. There are a few gorgeous shops you can shop around at like Jazellas and Tswii Interiors for decor and clothing. This will all be happening in The Nunga Complex known for it's fabulous green garden with a playground full of toys for our kiddies to play in.

You want a stall? Contact details are below: +26772664729


Click here to book your celebration now -->

Time flies and Christmas is just

around the corner.

We at Marc’s Eatery are happy to inform you that we are available to cater for your

year-end party.

We can design a menu, tailor made to suit your needs, both for lunch or for dinner.

We have built a deck, slightly raised from the restaurant floor, which is ideal for speeches, dancing, or setting up a long table

under the stars.

For all your Christmas needs please contact Marc or DT on 74002955 or 6840883.

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